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My Nova Scotia Passport

June 01, 2013  •  3 Comments

Below is a photo of what I am calling my “Nova Scotia Passport”.   It is a map of the province with a pin in each village, town, or city that I have explored.


I displayed my “passport” recently when I presented what I have learned from my website and blogs at the Festival of Learning at Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC).  The Festival of Learning is a fun conference-style venue for staff and students from all of NSCC’s 13 campuses. It is a venue for people to come together and share their learning, and to learn from their colleagues.


I wanted to share my learning from my website and blog because I have learned many things in a relatively short time. I presented my learning as I have experienced it: portfolio style. Since I began my website and two blogs I have reflected on what drives me to take photos and why I want to share them; what I needed to learn and do along the way; and what short-term and long-term goals I have needed to set.  To make a long story short – I have learned a little bit about technology, social media and networking, and a lot about what my passion truly is: sharing Nova Scotia’s beauty, nature and culture with others.  I am also passionate about encouraging people who live in Nova Scotia to explore their province and to be active contributors in the province’s economy.  Above that, I am passionate about encouraging people to get outdoors and explore this beautiful land that is my home.


One person, upon seeing my map of pins, asked how much of the rest of the world I have had a chance to explore.  My answer: not as much as I would like, in fact – very little beyond Atlantic Canada. My reason: when I do have extra time and money (both of which are precious and limited) – I choose to spend both in this beautiful little province that I love so dearly.  Of course, I am not so naive to think that there aren’t other, dare I say, even more beautiful parts of this world. And there are many cultures which I want to experience, and of course photograph.  The minute I win the jackpot on Lotto 649 I’ll be off to explore Ireland, Scotland, Iceland, perhaps India, all the knooks and crannies of Canada....and many more locations.


In the meantime, I have been thinking about how I can often feel as though I have visited more than one country, just in this small province. Nova Scotia is the second smallest province in Canada with an area of 55,281 square kilometers, but for its size it certainly has quite a lot of diverse beauty, and so much to see and do.


I am sharing some photos with you in this post which showcase Nova Scotia's diverse landscape.  From coarse red sand and high cliffs along the Bay of Fundy to lush green valleys and farmland in Wolfville and the surrounding Annapolis Valley, to rugged coasts along the Eastern Shore; and white sand beaches as far as the eye can see along the South Shore (and so many of them!); to sparsely treed landscapes scattered with granite rock near Peggy’s Cove; and rich and exciting ecosystems found on Brier Island, and of course I can't forget the oceanside properties speckled with Acadian flags in Yarmouth and along the Acadian Shore, or the thick forests and high mountains in the Cape Breton Highlands.

Each section of Nova Scotia is truly unique.  Unique in landscape; unique in people and traditions; even unique in language and dialects – from French to Gaelic, and the distinct accents in Cape Breton and the South Shore.  I love them all.

A few photos that are missing are photos of the Yarmouth and Acadian Shore, and of the Cape Breton Highlands.  Though I have visited these locations it was before I had really delved into my photography hobby.  Can you guess what is on my to-do list for upcoming vacations?!  I am certainly excited to get many more pins in my “passport” and continue to share this gem of a province with the world!  I hope you have a chance to get out and explore it as well.



Wesley Howie(non-registered)
Your photographs and blogs are AMAZING Amanda! I love the idea of the Nova Scotia Passport; such a fantastic way to capture the images, moods, thoughts, and emotions of our many Nova Scotia treasures.
Theresa Harris(non-registered)
As usual, you always impress me! I too have visited so many places in Nova Scotia that sometimes I fee I've seen it all. Having worked for Nova Scotia Tourism for 3 years I tried my best to visit the places I was sending my visitors. I still love going for Sunday drives to see where we'll end up. I've found many new places - all very beautiful. I feel, having worked for Nova Scotia Tourism, that the agents in the tourist bureau tend to send people to the "famous" places, Baddeck, Cabot Trail, Halifax, Peggy's Cove, etc. Did you know there was a beautiful water fall just off the highway in Sheet Harbour? Liscomb has another one. Thanks for taking us "off the beaten path".
I have been to New York City many times, but reading your blogs make me realize over and over again that I have, so far, missed out on a lot of beauty of Nova Scotia. I'm so glad you share your pictures and thoughts with us.

I read your Polly Cove and Hiking Blomindon blogs. I tried to comment on one, but it didn't appear to work. I have not heard of Polly Cove until I read your blog and looked at the gorgeous pictures you included. That area looks like a treasure!

The view from The Look Off is one of the most spectaculars sights I have seen anywhere! Please give me a nudge if you post pictures of it. My camera didn't pick up the detail of landscape and the colours that define it.

Have a good summer, Amanda!
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