Philip Hodges(non-registered)
Your work is so beautiful and such an inspiration. The beauty of Nova Scotia is in the details and you capture it all perfectly. Thank you for sharing!
Ciano Torres(non-registered)
Very nice work
I met your sister Ann at a party at her home in Truro a few weeks ago and admired her photos. She showed me some of yours and gave me one of your cards. I love the way you "abstract" commonplace objects like boats and rusty metal objects.
Rolly Jenner(non-registered)
As a pro photographer myself I like the fact that you do not photoshop your photo's.
I always use natural light when ever possible & always wait for the right lighting.
I am inspired by your photo's & even as a pro you can never stop learning from other photographers as each one has their own style.
Your work is priceless & for the most part only your words can tell the story of the photo you've taken.
I would enjoying going out with you sometime when your in the valley & take you to some amazing places.
Beverley Hiltz(non-registered)
Your photography work is amazing!! Keep up the great work!! I am looking forward to seeing more of this beautiful province we live in. So much to capture in the lens of a camera!
Lynn MacEachern(non-registered)
Simply beautiful! Great work Amanda!
Sonia Richards(non-registered)
So proud of you...and your work! So talented!
Shelly Atkinson(non-registered)
Wow....what beautiful photographs! Very talented!
Alison MacLean(non-registered)
Beautiful work, Amanda. Your 'point of view' is unique!
I am also impressed with your website. It is very easy and quick to find one's way around.
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