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Change Is Good

October 01, 2013  •  13 Comments

Autumn is the time of year when change is most obvious. We see it all over Nova Scotia.  We see it of course in the landscape, when the leaves change color and fall to the ground.  And we see it in some of the fishing villages, when inlets become clear of anchored boats in anticipation of the coming winter. Change seems to be more noticeable to people this time of year, and on the minds of many.  Changes in nature though, happen year round.

While everyone seems to be talking about change this time of year, I notice it more in the spring. When change is in every nook and cranny of nature, but is less obvious. It is tucked away in nests high above, or slow and steady in the delicate formation of new leaves.

I heard a storey once about the turtle and the hen. About how a hen lays an egg and clucks to the high heavens, announcing it to any and everyone. One egg and enough noise to wake the neighbors. A turtle on the other hand, may lay a hundred or more eggs and quietly covers them and waddles away.

I’m more of a turtle in that I don’t usually like to toot my own horn. In fact, I often get embarrassed when someone decides they want to toot it for me.  For this reason, I relate more to the subtle changes of spring, more so than to the lavish changes of autumn.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy watching the elaborate show that nature puts on this time of year.

It does however give a hint to how I sometimes respond to change.

In photography I am sometimes at the whim of change.  I need to be aware of the changes in light.  I need to be ahead of the changes, so as to capture the perfect lighting as the sun sinks. Or, I need to wait for light, as the sun rises over the horizon.  I hope and pray that the tiny dragonfly on the leaf before me won’t fly away, that the wind won't pick up, or that a tiny frog won't hop away.  I am either waiting or hoping things won’t change, or wishing that they will.

Change can be my friend when I am taking photos. I find I am always on the lookout for what changes have happened; perhaps as the result of the sun’s position, of nature, or of the effects of the weather.

In life though,  I tend to be a bit reluctant to change.

But, change can be good. Very good. I was reluctant to even get a computer, and didn't until 2004. Yes - 2004! And without such innovative changes I wouldn't have been able to create my photo website. I wouldn't have been able to make connections with total strangers on social media sites like Twitter, or share my photos and stories of Nova Scotia with people around the world.

This October blog post marks the one year anniversary of my photography website.  This for me has been a year of change.

Although, the saying goes... the more things change, the more they stay the same.  I really have spent this past year reconnecting with a true passion of mine.  Before my age was in the double digits I remember having an appreciation for good composition, and remember being excited when viewing a beautiful photograph.  I also enjoyed writing as far back as I can remember. I loved to put words together on paper, always loved to read, and could always write better than I could speak.

In this past year I have enjoyed connecting my passion of taking photographs, and of writing.  I have taken more photos this year than in the last 6 years combined, and when I write a post for this site, or my Beachcomber and Trailroamer blog, time stands still and I feel only joy and enthusiasm.

I have learned this year how to let some things go, so as to enable myself time to do the things I love.  Instead of needing to have my home in immaculate condition before setting a foot out the door, I now allow myself to leave a dirty dish or two in the sink, the bed unmade, or the floors unswept – so that I can spend my time in nature, taking photographs, or writing.  I recently even let two wash weeks pass before I ironed my clothes.  Trust me, this for me is a huge change, and something that I actually consider to be an accomplishment.

Once reluctant to change, I also find myself, in the last several months, craving it.  Unsure of what that really means at this very moment, I am willing to go with the flow moving forward.  And, to see where this path of photos and words takes me.

Thank you all for viewing my photos this past year, for leaving such lovely comments, and for reading along on my monthly blog posts here, and my more frequent posts on my other blog.  This site and my other blog have brought me great joy and satisfaction, but I couldn’t do it without the support and encouragement of friends and strangers :)

To thank you all I would like to welcome you to participate in my anniversary give away.  To win either an 8x10 photography print, or a package of 4 notecards, simply leave me a comment on this post telling me one thing that you have done this year to create positive change in your life. You need only include your first name if that is more comfortable for you, and any email address entered on my site is not made public. Be sure to include your email address so I can contact you if you win!  Contest closes October 15 and is open to friends, family, and kind strangers. Winner will be selected by random draw.  I look forward to reading your change stories!


Amanda I am sorry I am so slow in adding this post and my excuse is the typical summer work one. You are a true inspiration and ever since I met you on those Monday nights I was inspired by your vitality and sense of discovery. I too have always been more attached to the idea of new starts and am attracted to change, however, the thing is it still takes a great deal of effort and follow through to make the changes come to life. Thank you for your developed expression of change in your blogs and website and thank you for the continued inspiration.
Wonderful post. It really made me think how we are always wishing. I heard someone say you can have wishbone or backbone - and I realize that maybe I developed some backbone this year. To stay on the trail to following your Bliss, so to speak, takes some backbone to not traipse off when others question what you are doing.
I understand what you mean about letting some things go to enjoy what you love. I like it when things are neat and have to remind myself that it is okay to let some things be a bit messy for a while. I enjoy running and am trying to make time for a morning or evening run at least 5 times a week. Leaving in the morning without making my bed is hard, but I am trying to do it so I have time to be outside before I go to work. I feel so good when I run and am happier as a result. Thanks for this post and your beautiful photos.
I really enjoy your blog and photos Amanda. This year brought big change for me. My only daughter left home to attend college in another province. I am adjusting and miss her, but look forward to taking some time to rediscover who I am, and to reconnect with my husband. Thank you for your post.
Beautiful post, Amanda! Change, wow such a powerful topic. As a 53 year old I am undergoing many changes, many that I am not so happy about, some that I am trying to embrace. I have always felt fairly positive about change as I believe that without it things reach a stalemate and we simply do not grow or reach our potential. As a teacher things in my work environment are changing rapidly to meet the advances we have made in technology. As I returned to work this September I experienced a change that I had not realized would affect me as greatly as it has affected me. My colleague retired in June and we had worked very closely for the previous 5 years. I knew I would miss her and I still have another amazing colleague/ friend with whom I enjoy working with each day but I really miss the antics and quick retorts that my retired colleague provided on a daily basis. I also miss another staff member, my good friend, Ros, who has taken a year off to begin a new phase in her life, many changes for her! Each school year, of course, brings with it a change of new faces in the classroom. I always enjoy this time of the year as meeting my new students is the part of my job I like best, the increasing amount of paperwork, not so much!in two years when I retire it will be those fresh, expectant faces looking at me on the first day of the new school year that I miss the most. Always, enjoy your writing and your lovely pics so keep them coming, no change with that, please.
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